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We exist by grace for the glory of God: to equip believers to grow to maturity in the faith for the proclamation of the Gospel of salvation to the world.

Who we are

First and primarily we are a gathering of people who seek to glorify God with our lives. We want to know God through His Holy Scriptures, to serve one another and to declare to this world the joy of knowing Christ personally. We are simple, fallible people who embrace the grace of Christ as He has redeemed our lives and given us a hope beyond measure. We are a blessed people given the opportunity to use the gifts God has given to serve Him as He builds his Kingdom. We are a thankful people who seek to live in the mercy that brought us from death to life. We are a joyous people knowing that as we fulfill God’s command to be salt and light in this world, we await the presence of the Glory of God.

Join Us Sunday

Equipping Hour: 9:15
Worship Service: 10:30